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Get Alexa rankings and other data in Internet Explorer

Alexa is a company that gathers information about the internet and the relative popularity of websites. Alexa Toolbar is a tool that serves two purposes - it provides you, the user, with information about the websites you are viewing, while providing Alexa with information about what websites are hot right now.

The Alexa Toolbar works with Internet Explorer. It doesn't get off to a great start - the toolbar isn't very attractive and it's a little slow, but not enough to be a real problem. Alexa Toolbar will appeal to users who are interested in knowing how popular their or others' websites are. It provides direct links to the hottest websites, search terms and direct links to Alexa data about the webpage you're viewing.

The app also links to archives - old versions of websites - and allows you to tweet information directly. You can also use Alexa Toolbar as a regular search engine and take advantage of integrated search services such as Wikipedia and As toolbars go, Alexa Toolbar isn't that impressive. Obviously if you are a frequent user of Alexa, it might provide the speedy link to the information you need, but unless you are already a regular user, you're unlikely to fall in love.

Alexa Toolbar provides rapid access to Alexa information but, as a toolbar, isn't very impressive.

Alexa could not exist without the participation of the Alexa Toolbar community. Each member of the community, in addition to getting a useful tool, is giving back. Simply by using the Firefox and IE toolbars each member contributes valuable information about the web, how it is used, what is important and what is not. This information is returned to the community as Related Links, Traffic Rankings and more.

Dynamic Toolbar

The world's first toolbar is still the best. The Alexa Toolbar offers the unique ability to update in real-time to offer you information about the sites you visit.

Safer Surfing!

Foil the phishers and scammers with Alexa's one-of-a-kind real-time site information. You won't be fooled ever again!

Smarter Surfing

With Alexa's patented real-time Related Links you will search less and find more on the Web. Try it and see


  • Instant access to Alexa data about each site you visit
  • Links to top sites and searches
  • Tweet information directly


  • Collects basic browsing data
  • Not very attractive
  • A little slow

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Alexa Toolbar for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 9.39
  • 2.9
  • (61)
  • Security Status

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